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Children should be cared for in a holistic manner, in a comfortable place, and through play. The first few years of a child’s life is the most crucial in filling developmental gaps. At Kids in Mind, children are mindfully cared for.

Services & Pricing

Developmental Assessments of Young Children 5 years and Younger. Assessing The five developmental domains; cognitive, communication, social-emotional, physical, and adaptive. Assessments are made using the DAYC-2 (Developmental Assessments of Young Children, second edition).

DAYC-2 Domain Descriptions:

Cognitive domain measures “conceptual skills: memory, purposive planning, decision making, and discrimination.”

Communication domain measures “skills related to sharing ideas, information, and feelings with others, both verbally and nonverbally. It has two subdomains: Receptive language and Expressive language.”

Social-Emotional domain measures “social awareness, social relationships, and social competence. These skills enable children to engage in meaningful social interactions with parents, caregivers, peers, and others in their environment.”

Physical Development domain measures “motor development. The domain has two subdomains: Gross motor and Fine motor.”

Adaptive Behavior domain measures “independent, self-help functioning. Skills include toileting, feeding, dressing, and taking personal responsibility.”


  • Full Assessment - $150 per hour

  • Partial Assessment - $60 per domain

    *cash only*


For nearly 20 years, I have worked with children under the age of eight years old. In 2012, I earned an MA degree in Early Childhood Development and have completed course work in special education and infant mental health.


Child Development Specialist
January 2014-Present

Preschool Program Director
June 2012-June 2015

Preschool Principal
August 2010-June 2012

Preschool Office Manager
June 2008-June 2009

Preschool Assistant Director/Teacher
June 2007-June 2008

Preschool Master Teacher
June 2002-June 2007


M.A. Early Childhood Development
California State University

B.A. Psychology
California State University

Volunteer Experience

Child Development Checkup Assessments
CDI  (Child Development Institute)
2010 to 2012



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The purpose of developmental assessments is to ensure children who need services are provided with care to strengthen their developmental domain. Assessments will always be conducted in a holistic and play-based manner. If you have any concerns with your child’s development, there is no need to wait. At Kid’s in Mind, your child is in good hands, and their development is on our mind.